domingo, 22 de marzo de 2015

Easter time!

In a few days we'll be on Easter Holidays and we didn't want to lose the chance to show our children the main Easter customs in England.

You can see an Easter PowerPoint in the following link:

The following video is a good listening practice for children and it shows the importance of Easter customs in Britain:

More electrical cicuits!

As we said in previous posts children of 6th Primary have been working on electricity and how it works in electrical circuits and they made beautiful projects!

We make a map and a leaflet

In 3rd Primary English lessons we have been working on the town and important buildings so  the children made a overview of the unit through a mini book about maps and leaflets.

This is the result!

Natural disasters

The children in 5th primary have been studying different things about natural disasters and at the end of the unit they made this great works about it!

martes, 17 de marzo de 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He was born in the 4th century and brought christianity to Ireland. He converted pagans into christians. It is said that he drove the snakes out of Ireland. He died on the 17th March, 461. That is the reason why we celebrate Saint Patrick's Day!

The story about St Patrick is full of legend and symbols as the following:

Shamrocks: threeleaved clovers that grow in grass. You’ll be lucky if you find one!!!

Leprechauns: little Irish fairies, they are shoe-makers. They wear big green hats and if you find one he will tell you where he hides his pot of gold!


 You can watch the following video about the history of St. Patrick:

Here you are a song about Saint Patrick:

You can  watch the following video to see how they celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Ireland with their beautiful parades:


sábado, 14 de marzo de 2015

The skeletal system!

In 3rd grade we have been working on the skeleton:

We listened to a song about it and we practiced looking for the different bones with our friend "Pepe" (the skeleton in the photo) 

To revise vocabulary you can play a game in ABCya website. Click on the following photo to open the link:

For further learning you can play the following video:

Electrical circuits

During the last month we have been studying electricity in our science lessons. The children of 6th grade made great electrical circuits that you can see here!

As you can see we have buildings, roads, bonfires and even volcanos!

My Town

The children of third grade are studying the town and yesterday we have been playing a game to make our own town!

Children made their own town by placing the word cards and flashcards on the blackboard. Everything through spoken English!


Children in 2nd Primary are learning a lot of things about the town and during this week they have been making skyscrapers!

Look! They are beautiful!!

domingo, 8 de marzo de 2015

Los niños de La Milagrosa contemplan arte en inglés

Esta semana una de las profes de inglés visitó el Colegio de Arquitectos con los niños de segundo de primaria. Fue una experiencia fantástica en la que todos aprendieron un montón de cosas nuevas y en inglés!!

Aquí tenéis la noticia que salió publicada en el periódico:

Y a continuación algunas fotos de la actividad:

Este tipo de actividades hacen que los niños disfruten, aprendan y sobre todo amen la lengua objeto de estudio...

Knowing the town...

These days we are studying the town and our teacher gave us these beautifull cards to practice and make sentences about the things we can see in the town.

It was very funny and we worked in groups so we could learn from each other!

martes, 3 de marzo de 2015

Where is...?

Today we've been working on questions with there is and there are...

Children enjoyed very much and they learnt a lot!