viernes, 23 de enero de 2015

Food Bingo Cards!

In  Year 2 of Primary Education they are also studying food and their teacher taught them to play a Bingo Game!

These are some examples of the cards they made to play the game!

How much is it?

As we are studying food we need some expressions to ask for it at the supermarket, we are studying the following:

How much is butter?  It is...

How much are strawberries? They are... 

So we made some cards to ask and answer questions. We practiced all together in our English lesson this week.

At the supermarket!

In this unit we are going to study food and we made a supermarket!! Some of us were the shop assistants and the rest were the customers. We spend a great time playing and speaking English to buy things in our shops!

Pincha en el siguiente enlace para jugar al Trolley Dash en la página del British Council: