domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2014

El trivial de los animales!!

Aquí tenéis algunas preguntas para practicar en casa sobre los animales!!

1. Sharks and seahorses are…
a) mammals
b) reptiles
c) fish

2. Reptiles have got…
a) feathers
b) wings
c) scales

3. Amphibians have got…
a) fur
b) feathers
c) none of them

4. Bats are…
a) birds
b) mammals
c) none of them

5. Amphibians live…
a) in water
b) on land
c) on land and in water

6. Which animal is not a mammal?
a) Dolphin
b) Bat
c) Duck

7. Birds come from…
a) Eggs
b) Their mother’s body
c) None of them

8. Fish have got…
a) Scales
b) Feathers
c) Limbs

9. Birds have got…
a) Fur
b) Wings
c) fins

10. Butterflies and beetles are…
a) birds
b) invertebrates
c) vertebrates

11. Invertebrates don’t have…
a) wings, legs and antennae
b) shells
c) feathers

12. Lizards and snakes are…
a) amphibians
b) mammals
c) reptiles

13. Mammals can…
a) fly
b) slither
c) walk

14. There are…… groups of vertebrates
a) 6
b) 8
c) 5

15. Viviparous animals…
a) Come from eggs
b) Drink their mother’s milk
c) Don’t have a spine

sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2014


During this month we have been working on animals, how they move... how they reproduce, their classification according to what they eat...

Let's play an ANIMALS TRIVIAL to revise everything we studied in our Natural Science lessons!!!

martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014


Estas son algunas de las fichas que se utilizan con los niños de 2º de primaria para que aprendan y afiancen vocabulario:

Some PowerPoints

En los siguientes enlaces encontraréis diferentes PowerPoints que utilizamos en nuestras clases de inglés y science:

The human body:

St. Patrick's:


The Earth:


 Food and nutrition:

Telling the time!

In grade 3 we also learnt how to tell the time and our teacher showed us this game! We played and we enjoyed a lot telling the time to each other!

We also watched a video that showed us the time and some adjectives! Muzzy English

Let's make sentences!

Today, the children were given an amount of different words which they should join to form sentences.

Then, they ordered the words....

and this is the result.......

....a great number of different sentences!!!

they made it on their own....

and they enjoyed the game quite a lot!!!

The cells (second part)

In grade 6 we have also studied the cells and their parts... these are the results of the project we finished today!

We also sang a rap about the cell! This is the video: The cell rap

domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

Our portraits

In grade 3 we study a lot but we are also artists!! During this month we've been studying realistic and abstract portraits and this is the result of our work...

The Cells

In 5th grade we have been studying the cells and these are the projects we made! Children seemed to enjoy the work very much and they learned all the parts of the cell in a different and funny way!!


It's Halloween...


Once again we celebrated Halloween at our school. This year we made some "spider cakes". We used biscuits and sweets so instead of being scary they were delicious!!!

Here you have some Halloween videos:

Meg and Mog video

Skeleton dance