sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

St. Patrick's Day

Last week we celebrated St. Patrick's day at school. Personally, I think that celebrating all kind of festivities related to any English-speaking country is a chance to get the students involved in the culture and tradition of English language. Thus, they can understand it better and study language from its origins.

They made shamrocks, green hats and we watched a PowerPoint which explained everything about the story of St. Patrick!

domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014

Soil layers

This month we have been studying the soil and the climate and we made a project about the soil layers. I divided the students into 6 groups and gave them some papers, they had to make the soil layers by drawing the pictures and writing down the characteristics of each single layer. They enjoyed the game a lot!

The Seasons 3

After working on the seasons for some weeks these are the final results, they are pretty good!

(Note: one of them is still unfinished but we'll work on it when we'll have some spare time)

sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014


When dealing with ecosystems children are a bit worried about the amount of characteristics they have to learn. Well, why not playing a little and doing things easier?

This year we divided a piece of paper into four, one for each different ecosystem, and we painted them, on the back of each part of the sheet of paper we wrote down the characterisitics. They liked painting and they seemed to adquire knowledge in a better way.

The Seasons 2nd part

To practice the seasons and their characteristics we are doing the following board game:

First of all, I divided the class into four groups, one for each season, with a different colour for each one. To do this, I put into a bowl 6 green circles, 6 blue circles, 6 yellow and 6 pink, the children needed to pick up a circle (without looking) so the groups were made randomly according to the colours of the circles. It was great! Then, I gave them the materials: a black and white tree in a piece of paper, a photograph and a blank paper. They had to guess the season by looking to the picture. Then they had to decorate the tree (without painting with colours, only textures) according to their season and finally write into the piece of paper the characteristics.

This is the initial idea, let's see how it ends! We are already working on it but I'll let you know how it results!

The seasons

This year, 4th grade, we are studying the seasons and their characteristics. That's why I made the following circle with the four seasons!

Children love playing with it and guessing what's hidden behind!

Questions, 4th grade

Fed up with being you the one who makes questions to your students? Make some cards and let them do it themselves! You give the idea and they guess the meaning, they ask and answer the questions, they learn how to write it and pronounce it, and they have fun!

The Solar System

Last year, we studied The Solar System in 3rd grade class, and we made some beautiful projects!!


Children love Halloween! ghosts, vampires, tombs, fear, horror... is something that, somehow, attracts children supernaturally. We all know that, if children like something, they'll learn in a better way, so, let's do something to surprise them!! Here there are some of the pictures made to our Halloween decorations last year!

We also took advantage of the tombs and we buried all the negative feelings and words that came to our minds!

The weather chart

Our weather chart! In our English and Science lessons we start almost everyday looking through the window and talking about the weather. That's the reason why I made this weather chart which children can play with and change the card according to the weather of each single day. They love it and get involved into the activity pretty much enthusiastically!

Hope, you'll like it!